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Date: Thu, 30 Jun 1994
From: Mika Hamalainen, Finland
Subject: Nice Art Work...


I just found your Art Space gallery, and it is very fine, indeed. I'm an
teacher in University of Arts and Design Helsinki, Finland, and I'm
building an www site for Tech Art and Art Education. I was wondering, if I
could use some of your artworks in our site, as an examples.

I'm intrested of Still life by Shira Wachtel, and acrylics by Cathy Chou,
Jenny Auler, Jay Steigmann, Morgan Finch, Megan Robin-Abott, Molly
Robin-Abott. Please let me know if I can download these. The artists name
and your High School would be included to the pictures.

Yours, Mika

Date: Sat, 28 May 94 From: Karin in Denmark Subject: Art Space location? Dear University High School, Where on earth are you based? kind regards, karin

Date: Sat, 28 May 1994 From: Ed Stastny Subject: Art pages Great pages, I must congratulate you. Please keep up the great work, I've linked to you from the OTIS pages (http://sunsite.unc.edu/otis/otis.html) and check for new things on your pages every so often. Just thought I'd let you know I appreciated your effort! Take care! ...e

From: "Matt Weinbaum" Organization: Bloomfield Hills Model High School Date: Tue, 17 May 1994 Subject: Mosaic server Dear University High School, I was paging through the Internet and happened to notice your Mosaic Site. Our High School is doing similar Computer generated art work. We currently have two computer labs running Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Fractal Design Painter, and Strata StudioPro. It would be neat if we could collaborate on some type of Internet critique with students from your high school and our high school critiquing each others work. We have started to put student work on our gopher server and we hope to have our Mosaic server up shortly. Matt Weinbaum System Administrator Bloomfield Hills Model High School

>From:(Virginia Steiner) >Subject: permission >Date: Mon, 8 Aug 1994 >Hello > >My name is Virginia Steiner and I am in educational technology at Far West >Laboratory for Educational Research and Development. Currently, I am working >on a piece introducing educators to telecommunications. This piece will be >the CalTIP insert in the SEABA Journal and will be distributed to over 45K >teachers. > >We are very impressed with the work that we found at your school via Mosaic, >and would like to include some of the student art work as an example of what >can be done and what is available. > >We know that these works are copywritten, so we would like your permission >to publish the works of Ahn Van Ho '91, Ellen Wheeler '91, and Shira Wachtel >'91 in our non-profit publication. We will be happy to send you a copy of >the journal, if you include an address with your response. > >Also, if the artists have written anything about their work, we would like >to use that as well. > >Thank you for your assistance. > >V. Steiner >Educational Technology >Far West Laboratory

Date: Wed, 12 Oct 1994 From: janice at ArtsEdge Subject: Re: Art shows.... Karen, Heh. I think you will get a kick out of my pages. Not only has your art space been in my pages since it was announced BUT it is also featured in our ArtsEdge demo that Scott (the director) takes around the country to do disk based demonstrations. If you would be so kind as to send a short paragraph introducing your project and telling what's happening, I will be sure to feature it in my new pages for Kennedy Center (ArtsEdge) which will be produces in the next 60 days and announced. We should probably talk at some point about a collaboration... I am open to any ideas you may have. -janice

Date: Fri, 5 May 1995 From: (Craig Geiger) I just saw the Uni High's home page and cruised through it for a while. I am currently ready to graduate from Virginia Tech as a graphic design student interested in the advertising field. I think your page is really cool. I hope that the students feel the same way as I do. If I knew that people had such easy access to my works, and found merits in them like I did with your student's works, I don't know what I would have done. I guess the only reason why I decided to write to you is because it reminded me of my high school art teacher who was very open to anything. She may have been the reason for my leaving the engineering field, Thank her soul. Anyway, I think you are doing a fantastic job, knowing full well that it is not your responsibility to have a web page. The only suggestion I have is to reduce the size of the files. 272k takes a long time to download, but that's just a technicality. Nice Job. peace, love, and farhvegnugen

Date: Fri, 04 Aug 95 Subject: (no subject) Hi! Great show and lots of fun! This is a wonderful page and I'm so glad to have stumbled across it! I especially like the humor you've included in with the artwork and info! I am an art teacher at at middle school in South Dakota and would love to get a home page & art gallery of student work on the net! Sincerely, Jackie D.B. - novice to the net... but looking forward to the utility! :-)

From: Mimi Ralston Date: Wed, 02 Aug 95 Subject: hello I found you on the www. I'm an art teacher at San Dieguito High School in Encinitas, California (just north of San Diego) I'm creating a home page for our art department and also developing art curriculum for my students to use while on the net. I saw your picture on your uni home page and I thought you might be interested in the collaborative art project I'm developing. Check it out at http://www-tep.ucsd.edu/people/mimi-ralston/mona.html It's just a beginning...tell me what you think and please offer advice or indicate if you and your students might be interested in participating. I'm interested in a mini test of the idea- a preliminary implementation- so I can assess and modify the curriculum as needed. Your uni art home page is a good example to use as a model. In September, I'm hoping to have students work on my started home page and add to it. Sending hellos from Encinitas,

>Anyway - of course I am asking a favor - can I use your kids art? For the >conference I have to have a self standing demo of our stuff on the net >and I was hopeing to use some of the thumbnail gifs of self portriats to >decorate our "newbreak" home page (that's the new section with news where >you all are highlighted). > >Also we are using some of your activities in our demo as well - as well >as highlighting the activities at your school in our 1 hour presentation >at the kennedy center on friday to "unveil"artsedge at the getty conference. >All this ok with you? > >I figure if it is I will also upload it all onto the web next week for >the world to see. I already did it actually ( but i can un-do) and it >looks nice. > > >hope you are ok!!! >-janice/ArtsEdge at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

Via: uk.ac.derbyshire; Date: Fri, 13 May 94 To: khellyer From: G.Broadway@derbyshire.ac.uk Subject: Net art resources Karen, I have been trying to log into your electronic gallery "Artspace" but all I get "is address not found on this server". Can you re-confirm your adress for me as I would be most interested in seeing it. Here at the University of Derby's Design Reseach Centre we are in the middle of setting up our own virtual gallery up comprising initially of electronic art but will extend to other art forms in due course. Keep an eye open for posting announcing the opening (sometime in June) Look forward to hearing from you, Geoff Broadway Email: g.broadway@derby.ac.uk Researcher Design Research Centre University of Derby Derby DE22 1GB

Date: Fri, 17 Mar 1995 From: Ed Stastny To: khellyer@uni.uiuc.edu Subject: OTIS online artchive Hi there Karen! I've been browsing through your art-related pages and wanted to turn you on to a site I've been working on for over two years... OTIS. You can browse it at: http://sunsite.unc.edu/otis/otis.html or http://aql.gatech.edu/otis/otis.html (some of the scripts don't work right here). Let me know what you think! ...e ..... Ed Stastny (OED), ed@art.net ..... http://www.sticky.com/ep/staff/Stastny_E.html ..... OTIS Artchive and Ritual Collab: http://sunsite.unc.edu/otis/otis.html ..... SECOND SKINS!: http://www.sticky.com/ads/uprise/shirts.html

Date: Sun, 16 Apr To: khellyer@uni.uiuc.edu From: puppetease@peg.apc.org Hi Karen , I was brousing through your pages over the Easter Weekend here in Australia and thought I would let you know how much I enjoyed discovering your pages. Nice work Karen, Although I'm not strictly an art teacher I was influenced quite strongly by my art teacher whilst at school (some years ago now). I am now a professional puppeteer/ Jazz Musician who specialises in creating educactional shows for Schools and Museums throughout Australia, New Zealand & Asia . I have recently started my www pages which will give you a much more visually colourful idea of my work. You may like to have a look. Well thats all for now, Good lck with your work and I look forward to hearing from you sometime Regards Ross Browning Email puppetease@peg.apc.org http://www.odyssey.com.au/uspecies/puppetease Ross Browning Browning Entertainment Specialising in Puppetry & Music PO BOX 101, PYMBLE 2073 NSW AUSTRALIA Email puppetease@peg.apc.org http://www.odyssey.com.au/uspecies/puppetease

Date: Fri, 25 Aug 95 From: "Jaison D. Laird" To: khellyer@uni.uiuc.edu Subject: ArtSpace: Check your Karma... X-URL: http://www.uni.uiuc.edu/departments/finearts/art/artspace/karma.html Karen, Not only do I think ArtSpace is a great project (since I am doing another project with independent artists -- mostly adults, but some teen 'zine publishers (at www.MediaNation.org)) but I love your karmic warning page. In fact, if you don't mind, I may want to point to it as part of my copyright notice on my art pages! Best, Jay --------------------------------------------------------------- Jaison Denis Laird | http://www.actwin.com VP Information Services | FINS -- MediaNation -- Planet Q Active Window Productions | "Social Change is Serious Business"

Date: Fri, 04 Aug 95 To: khellyer@uni.uiuc.edu X-Url: http://www.uni.uiuc.edu/departments/finearts/art/hellyer/hell.html Hi! Great show and lots of fun! This is a wonderful page and I'm so glad to have stumbled across it! I especially like the humor you've included in with the artwork and info! I am an art teacher at at middle school in South Dakota and would love to get a home page & art gallery of student work on the net! I hope you don't mind me asking some questions of you!

Date: Thu, 6 Jul 95 From: stepho@nyo.com To: Khellyer@uni.uiuc.edu Organization: New York Online Dear Administrator, I am gathering information/resources for an upcoming exhibtion entitled, "Youth Media" to occur in the winter of 1996 at The New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City. I stumbled upon your on-line projec, ARTSPACE, while searching, but neglected to note its Web address. Will you please provide this address? Please also send any additional background information or any mission statement that may appropriately describe your on-line project and the nature and/or function of the works included thus far. Printed information should be sent to: The New Museum of Contemporary Art, 583 Broadway, New York, NY 10012, Attention: Stephanie Owens, Education Intern. I appreciate your assistance and look forward to browsing the works at ARTSPACE. Sincerely, Stephanie Owens Education Intern The New Museum of Contemporary Art

Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 To: khellyer Subject: Awesome Site! Ms. Hellyer, I don't know how I stumbled across this awesome site but I'm glad I did. I have worked as a graphic designer for various companies here in Oklahoma for about ten years. Last year I decided to get certified to teach art. I am now awaiting an art teaching position to become available. Meanwhile, I am running our school's Macintosh computer lab. I have been working with two other teachers developing our school's homepage. I really enjoyed your site. In fact, I made a bookmark of it and have been showing it off to a lot of the teachers. From personal experience, I truly appreciate all the work you have put into it! I'm interested in your art curriculum and would appreciate any other info you might be willing to share. Specifically, about what is being taught at each level (ie Art I, Art II, etc...) Thanks for such a wonderful asset to art as a whole. Sincerely, Kasie Shaw, Central Mid-High School, Norman, OK

From: "Michael D. Lieber" Date: Tue, 23 Jul 96 Subject: request for curriculum materials -- -- Michael D. Lieber University of Illinois at Chicago E-Mail: mdlieber@uic.edu Hi. I'm Michael Lieber, professor in anthropology at UIC. That's irrelevant. My wife, Esther Lieber, is a teacher at Lakeview High School in Chicago, and she coordinates an arts partnership between the school and several arts groups (theater, dance, etc.) She has worked on a proposal for a public high school for the arts, and it looks like the Board is buying it. A colleague suggested that she look at your curriculum as she works up her proposed curriculum for presentation to the Board. So I am writing to request any written materials you have on your school's curriculum or a contact person at the school who can point me in the right direction. Thanks. Michael Lieber

Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 01:37:05 -0500 From: Adam Boozer X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.01 (Macintosh; I; PPC) MIME-Version: 1.0 To: khellyer Subject: Art Space Hi! I am writing to let you know that I have added a link to your website (ArtSpace) from the Campus Live Online site. Campus Live is a weekly television show airing in Atlanta, GA and CL online is our web site. Please come by and let us know what you think. Our url is www.campuslive.com Thanks, and oh by the way we love the Art Space site! Adam Boozer Webmaster Campus Live online

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